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Werth, Lyle
Feb 01 1:01 PM CST
Post #5
So far this season (2021) we've had three people pick the Frenchman, MR VACANT meaning they did not get a golfer in on time. Remember to hold your cursor/mouse over the tournament dates on the schedule tab to see what the deadline is.
Gilligan, Mike
Mar 12 9:56 PM CDT
Post #4
Players Championship cancelled effective 9:00 pm https://www.pgatour.com/company/2020/03/12/pga-tour-statement-regarding-cancellation-of-the-players-championship-and-upcoming-pga-tour-events.amp.html
Werth, Lyle
Feb 02 12:56 PM CST
Post #3
Ouch Matsuyama has withdrawn from the Wasre Management.
Werth, Lyle
Jan 12 10:23 AM CST
Post #2
68 and counting!!! 35/40 minutes until Post!
Werth, Lyle
Jan 06 3:19 PM CST
Post #1
Now at 40 entrants. Appears I will need to send an email out this weekend for the slackers...