Statistics will be available after week 1.
1. OSP = Overall Season Place
2. T10 = Top 10 Weekly Finishes
3. SC = Scorecard - Weekly Scorecard For This Season
4. LC = League Career - Career Stats For All Teams Played By This User In This League
5. ITM (In The Money) - Selected Golfer Made Cut and Won Money.
Trophy Legend
Gold Trophy = Season Champion | Silver Medal = Season 2nd Place | Bronze Medal = Season 3rd Place | Golf Ball = Segment Win | Golf Ball With Tee = 5 Segment Wins
Green Circle With Minus = Start of Season Streak Winner | Red Circle With Minus = Anytime Streak Winner | Blue Flag = Most Weeks In The Money Winner | Red Cancel = No Winning Golfer Picked Winner
Red M = Majors Only Winner
1) Red asterisk * in the table above indicates Start of Season (SOS) streak or Anytime streak still alive.
2) The total number of teams with their SOS streak still alive is 0.
3) The current Anytime streak is consecutive weeks held by 0 teams. The streak is still alive for 0 of those teams.